Physical abnormalities of the nose, whether natural or the result of illness or injury, can have a real impact on quality of life for many patients and their families. Emotional Long term lack of sleep due to an unaddressed nasal problem can be both physically debilitating and emotionally draining, as well as contribute to, poor concentration, impotency, heart failure, heart attacks, ADHD and even a stroke.

Ear, Nose & Throat Plastic Surgery Center has assembled a team of Atlanta doctors who are fully versed in helping resolve problems involving the Nose. We perform at home sleep studies for your convenience, Allergy testing ( Including- RAST, Scratch and Intradermal test) and Immunotherapy for chronic allergies and sinus issues, as well as in office minimally invasive BALLOON SINUPLASTY . We can help you with solutions. We can help you obtain a good night’s sleep by resolving any breathing or sinus issues.

Here are our areas of specialty:

Balloon sinuplasty

Balloon sinuplasty is an alternative to aggressive sinus surgery. It is a minimally invasive in office procedure to help you with chronic allergies, chronic sinusitis and sinus headaches.

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Tumor and cancer surgery of the nose

Tumors found on or within the nasal or sinus cavities must be treated surgically, but this must be carefully performed given the close proximity of the nose to the eyes, the brain, the mouth, the branches of the carotid artery and important facial nerves. The goal of nasal cancer surgeries is to try and remove any tumor, as well as any necessary surrounding tissue, while still maintaining both the function of the nose and the general appearance of the patient’s aesthetics.

Sinus surgery and revision sinus surgery

Our doctors perform a number of different procedures, in the office, as well as in the operating room, these procedures help to remove obstruction in the sinuses and allow the mucus to drain normally. Many people experience sinus problems seasonally or periodically, but people with chronic sinus problems, infections, and headaches, may need surgery to remove infected tissue, bone spurs, or even foreign objects (usually in children). Advances in technology and image guided surgical techniques allow us to perform these types of procedures in a minimally invasive way. In certain cases, In office Balloon Sinuplasty procedure makes it easier and safer for the patient, avoiding costly operating room fees and extensive down time.

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Deviated septum treatment for breathing disorder

The septum is the thin wall that separates your nostrils from each side. A deviation of the septum is when it has shifted from trauma or congenitally over to one side. If severe enough, a deviated septum can interfere with breathing in a significant way. Surgery maybe necessary to correct a deviated septum.

Snoring surgery

Surgery is usually the last treatment option available for snoring and is used when other solutions have failed. Snoring surgery may involve the removal of nasal polyps, correcting a deviated septum, widening the airway in the throat by removing excess soft tissue such as tonsils, adenoids or the uvula.

Sleep disorder diagnosis and treatment

There are any number of reasons people experience insomnia or irregular sleep patterns, and our staff can help diagnose what the problem is through at home sleep studies and if necessary, perform either sleep apnea surgery or tongue base surgery to help improve any underlying problems.

If you are experiencing problems with the health or function of your nose or nasal passages, causing pain, sleep issues, or snoring, we can help. Please call us at Ear, Nose & Throat Plastic Surgery Center today to schedule your appointment with one of our physicians. Our direct line is 678-838-3903.